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Picture walking into your break room and having the freedom to shop your very own market in your workplace. You can choose from hundreds of options as well as examine the product before you choose to make a purchase. This concept really is the new way of giving employees the best food and beverage options. Not only can you now you can provide healthier choices, but you can really embody a healthy lifestyle in your employees. Giving them the tools to make the right choice is what Smart-N-Go does for its customers.

Naturally Promote Healthy Choices

Smart N Go promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a variety of nutritious and healthy foods for our customers. Smart N Go also gives employees the ability to look at nutritional content before they make a purchase. This allows them to choose what products are right for them. Company Wellness Programs find that Smart N Go embodies the ability to bring healthy into the workplace. Promoting a healthy lifestyle both in and outside of work is truly the mission of Smart N Go.

Some of our Healthy Choices Include:

• Fresh crisp salads and fruit
• Low-calorie, Low-fat main meals. ex: Healthy Choice
• Nutritious Deli Sandwiches and Subs
• Healthy Soups
• Breakfast sandwiches, pastries and cereals
• Healthy snacks
• Energy bars
• Delicious frozen treats
• Premium beverages, including sparkling mineral water and juices

Smart N Go Checkout...Easy as 1,2,3

Smart-N-Go is a revolutionary self-checkout unmanned kiosk system that allows employees to make purchases using two different methods.

All customers will receive a Smart N Go key tag where they can load value on to the card. You can either load money with cash or with your debit/credit card. Customers can now forget about the hassles of having change in their pockets, because with the Smart N Go key tag it stores all change on the card for your next order. Customers can also pay with a debit/credit card for any single transaction.

We acept all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Smart N Go micro-marts are truly the new way for proiding the best options for employees.

Take a look at this Video from Smart N Go parent Company Avanti Markets

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