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Fresh - the Way You Like It

Caesar Salad Fresh Food Made Daily
Each day, Watson’s prepares fresh food so customers can enjoy the best possible taste. Made in our kitchen by seasoned chefs and cooks, our fresh food will satisfy any taste buds. Many unique, homemade special dishes top off the fresh food offered. From local favorites to seasonal features; having homemade food at work is enjoyed and appreciated by Watson’s customers.
Label Healthy Food a Priority
Calories – Fat – Protein. These words are in front of us every day. Our food choices and health work together, and Watson’s has made that easy for you to figure out. Watson’s knows health matters and is committed to helping you.


Brand name vending products

National Name Brand Products
Watsons offers a wide variety of nationally recognized
name brand products customers have grown to know and count on.


Top Technology & Service the way you like it.

Cutting Edge


Fast Service

The Way You Like It



Get the Products You Want.  To meet the changing desires of our customers, Watson’s has incorporated cutting edge technology to track exactly what is selling at your location and adjust product offerings accordingly.  Our machines are on-line and can notify us when selections need to be filled.  Your machines will be stocked with a mix of preferred products according to individualized sales reports - resulting in satisfied customers.

Service When You Need It. Having service available to you 24/7, with technicians located in close proximity provides customers peace of mind.   That is Watson’s commitment and service to you.  

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